All Out War

Album: Into The Killing Fields (2010)

Song: Defiance Through Fear

Bitrate: 160kbps

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New York's ALL OUT WAR is a punishing display of the aggression of hardcore, crossed with the brutality of metal, while avoiding the shortcomings of both genres. To get a taste of All Out War's musical style, envision Slayer's "Reign In Blood" colliding head on with "Age of Quarrel" era Cro-Mags. The two styles are as different as they come, but ALL OUT WAR combines them to form a Crossover attack unmatched by today's standards. While so many bands are creating a diluted mixture of Metal and Hardcore, All Out War brings you their brand of Crossover in the tradition of bands like NUCLEAR ASSAULT, AGNOSTIC FRONT, S.O.D. and KREATOR. "Condemned To Suffer" will solidify ALL OUT WAR¹s position as one of the most brutal bands - period.